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Dr. Mary June


Dr. Juliana Jung MD, FACEP,

Johns Hopkins Clinical Skills Director

"Dr. Mary June has enabled many students to pass Step 2 CS, and now she is making her years of experience and success available to students around the world. In this book, you will learn the skills you need to pass all dimensions of the exam. In acquiring this book, you have already taken an important step towards passing the exam!”

  • Rapid CS Review - System wise History & PE

  • Pass ICE component the First time!

  • Vital components of a good Patient Note

  • Step by Step Organized approach to CS prep

  • Learn how to save time during CS exam

  • Tackle challenging questions and situations

  • Tips on Spoken English Proficiency for IMGs

  • Rapport and Communication Skills

  • Fantastic study resource for the USMLE Step 2 CS! I wish I had read your book earlier!”

  • “A must to pass on the First Attempt...The best CS review book out there. Don't waste your time with anything else.”

  • “Reading this book the first time gave a feeling of having passed the exam before taking it. This gets even better when used in tandem with the 7 easy steps video tutorial on their website @”

  • “Great book to an IMG preparing for the Step 2 CS exam. Gives you a systematic approach and understanding of the process. The book is very concise, has everything you need to know to pass the exam,”

  • "Target USMLE Step 2 CS handbook is really one of a kind. This book really gives you all the information you need in a compact and concise manner. I took my step 2 Cs recently and i used Target USMLE and First aid side by side. The content of both books is very different and both together really reinforces the core concepts and strategies required to Ace the Step 2 CS with ease."

7 Easy Steps 2 CS

Assessment 1-On-1 Dr. June

Are you doing ONE case correct? Why mock yourself with a 6 or 12 cases mock exam?

Step 7
  • Present Case
  • MD Tutors acts as SP
  • Patient Note Timed
  • Personalized Critique
  • PN Correction Live
  • Remedies to pass CS

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  • CS Self Study Kit
  • Prepare in 30 Days
  • 5 Stars - by students
  • Online Lectures
  • Physical Exam<4mins
  • >Minicases DDs
  • Ideal Patient Note pdfs
  • e CS Hbook
  • 30 days 24/7
  • Smartphone/ipad
  • Busy Rotations?
  • Study CS Working?
  • On a low budget?
  • Can't afford Live courses?
  • This course is for YOU!
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    • 115 Broadway, Suite 1800 NYC 10006
    • Group discounts call
    • A-Z to pass CS
    • 10 Kickstarters
    • Organizing blue sheet
    • Data gathering
    • Hands-on PE
    • DD Discussion
    • ICE Pass strategies
    • Write a PNote timed
    • CS e-Handbook free
    • Sample cases
    • CIS & SEP
    • Do CS the Right Way!
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  • Online course for ICE
  • 99% PASS Rate
  • Master Data Gathering
  • Focused History
  • Hi Yield PNote demos
  • 6 Live sessions with MDs - Focused on Patient Note
  • Monitored improvement
  • Patient Note correction
  • Value Access Included-
  • Online Video Course
  • CS Handbook
  • 30 days 24/7
  • Personalized course
  • A 10 year proven method
  • you can trust!
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  • Only 2 weeks for CS?
  • Start from Scratch
  • Ideal for AMGs with busy clinical rotations
  • Personal coach alongside during entire cs prep
  • Online Coach 1hr/day
  • Start- Middle- End-
  • 3 point check
  • Online Tutorials
  • CS Handbook
  • 15 days 24/7
  • Type on share screen
  • Type Perfect Patient Note
  • Covers ICE, SEP, CIS
  • 100% Confidence
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A few words from our students

Online Video Tutorial & Coaching


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Online Video Tutorial & Coaching


I took Target USMLE Step 2 cs course back in April and took my exam in May of 2017. Her course is the perfect compilation of all the material one nee...

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Online Video Tutorial & Coaching


I took the online exam just two days before my exam. I came to know how I should organize my exam, in just two hours. Target usmle is fully organized ...

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Online Video Tutorial & Coaching


I took an online course with Dr. Mary June, is probably the best step to Cs Preparation course. I took it over Skype, from the comfort of my home and ...

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