by admin target 09 Aug 2019


Most students don't need a course if they have good training in CK & CS from their medical school. However it is imperative that every student takes the time to understand what this exam is all about and how it is graded. It is a common misconception though that it is an easy exam and many don't even allow enough time to practice to be within the time limit allotted in the real exam. The nuances of each component ICE, SEP and CIS - Who grades it? Which part of the encounter contributes to the scoring of each component? This needs to be studied. Just because you found a partner to study with who can tell you what questions you missed is not going to improve your pass rate. How do you know your study partner is doing it right? If he/she is right, well good for you. But the point is you cannot leave it to chance! We have seen 3-4 students practicing together and all of them landing up failing. It is good to get assessed by your seniors, professors or reputed experience CS experts to get at least a one time spot check if you are doing it right!


It is sad to see many students take the exam without knowing these facts and regret after they fail the CS exam! Failure rates have drastically gone up to 25% (2017-18) for IMG CS takers from 18% (2016-17) i.e 1 in 4 students fail the exam. It is wise to know your enemy in the battle field as you train for the battle not during or after the battle! Here is where CS experts/courses can help you, especially if they have seen many thousands of students before you and know the common simple mistakes that can be avoided and fill you in with tons of tips that can help you ace the exam in regards to time and confidence. It’s okay to ask for help especially if you are not sure you know if you are doing it right. Doing it right means if you can pass ICE, pass CIS, pass SEP - all 3 components. Target USMLE offers free diagnostics CS testing to help avoid this costly mistake. You can present one case and find out if you are doing it right. If you can’t do one case correct no point doing a practice for multiple cases with study partners. You are smarter than that!


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