Getting ready for USMLE Step 2 CS?- 3 Truths you must know before getting started

by admin target 07 Jan 2019


Most students fail Step 2 CS because they dont take the time to understand what this exam is about and how to ace it confidently. A step 2 CS fail can keep you from getting a residency interview. Knowing the truth can set you free!


Importance of Step 2 CS

by admin target 15 Dec 2017


Have you ever had that terrible feeling when you attend an exam being unprepared? Or worse, what happens with your life if you FAIL it? Well, guess what, life goes on.


How best can you wash your hands?

by admin target 03 Aug 2017

I'm pretty sure about what you're thinking …….. "What? Who cares how good I wash my hands on the exam. I am already running out of time here…it is an awkward silence when my mind is racing as to what system I am going to examine …..the point is that I wash my hands. Right?" Correct…… I hear you ……