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Assessment 1-On-1 Dr. June

Are you doing ONE case correct? Why mock yourself with a 6 or 12 cases mock exam?

Step 7
  • Present Case
  • MD Tutors acts as SP
  • Patient Note Timed
  • Personalized Critique
  • PN Correction Live
  • Remedies to pass CS

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Online Tutorials

Step 1

Play Standard CS Encounter

If you are a beginner for CS Prep (or) you need to know how to present any standard case (general format) for Step 2 CS (or) you need to know all the MUST DO steps for this exam, this module will t...


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Step 2

Play System wise History Taking

This module is an add-on to step 1 standard history taking module. The lectures train you to take a FOCUSED history for each System eg. Cardiology, Respiratory, Nervous etc which is crucial for pas...


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Step 3

Play Physical Exam Videos

This module shows videos of the doctor performing a focused Physical Exam for each system in ~ 4 minutes. This includes not only the main system but also the allied systems that you are likely to e...


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Step 4

Play Differential Diagnosis

This module allows you to tune your medical knowledge/experience to suit the Step 2 CS format of testing. It is of utmost importance to organize your medical knowledge to a pattern of thinking not ...


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Step 5

Play Full 15 min Encounter

This module has 10 (ten) Full 15-minute Encounters of different systems a) Cardio b) Respiratory c) Obs/Gyn (2 cases) d) Abdomen e) Nervous f) HEENT g) Joint h) Psychiatry i) Paediatrics . Having g...


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Step 6

Play Patient Notes (PN)

This module has lectures on essentials of each section of the PN (HPI, PE, DD, Diagnostic Work up), what goes into each section, the pertinent positives and negatives and has lots of tips on managi...


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