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If you are international medical student or graduate facing Step 2 of USMLE Clinical Skills exam you come to the right place. For more then a decade we have been developing online learning program that allows to confidently pass the CS Step 2 after about 20 days of organized effort.


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Subscribe to our online tutorials - they are the core of the course - and after you done - get personal assessment with the course author - Doctor Mary June - you may need more individual attention - and we will be with you every step of the way with personal coaching and mock exam.


We are confident in your success - 97% of our pupils pass USMLE CS at the first attempt - this rate stays unchanged even for students who failed exam before finding us.




A Simple ,Organized, Practical Approach to Step 2 CS exam Designed by First Aid for Step 2 CS book Co author who has trained several hundred students across the globe Proven methodology for passing ICE, CIS, SEP since 2009 Personalized coaching (We know that each student struggles in a different area) Personal coach assesses your progress throughout the course English fluency for Step 2 CS –Pass SEP with English Coach/American SP practice Cost effective compared to other commercial courses Email/Phone support for queries till student takes exam Online access 24/7 –prepare from any country from the comfort of your home! Live workshop for hands-on Physical Exam & Live SP practice Online & Live mock exams available in NY/NJ area 99% Pass rates in ICE (the most failed component) 97% Overall pass rates (SEP, CIS, ICE includes) Thousands of students trained who are successful residents/attending